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Vincent O'Neil has been involved in media presentations for over 30 years. His career started in high school with his own radio program. He branched off into television with the advent of cable, and honed his skills on both sides of the camera. His performances include countless commercials, several industrial videos, television, and a few movies. Active in public affairs, he has represented several organizations including a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense. O'Neil has also designed several Internet web sites, including two of his own. His writing skills have produced several books now available exclusively on the Internet. His attention is focused primarily on documenting Borley Rectory - "The most haunted house in England." He has presented his views on Borley to several groups.
Biography: Born 2 November 1945, Ipswich, England - Raised in Midwestern U.S. - Has lived from coast to coast - Now living in the western United States.

Career: Graduated Utah State University (1969) - B.S. in English and Political Science - Graduated Brown Institute for Radio and Television(1971) - News Director, KVNU, Logan, Utah (1971) - Announcer, salesman, photographer, sportscaster, weatherman, news anchor, supervisor, KCTV TV-6, Rock Springs, Wyoming (1973) - Actor, Hollywood (1975) - Music Director, WLCX Radio, LaCrosse, Wisconsin (1976) - Public Relations Director, LaCrosse Association for Retarded Citizens (1978) - Television Booth Announcer, WXOW TV-19 (1978) - Media Spokesman, Midwest (1978) - Public Affairs Specialist, Defense Logistics Agency, Ogden Utah (1985) - Writer (1992)

Favorite movies: Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, and The Blues Brothers (.wav audio clip).

Highlights: Began acting at age six - Won first essay contest while in high school. Captured many trophies for public speaking and debate in college - Started professional writing and performing career in 1971 as the News Director at KVNU in Logan, Utah by gathering, writing, and announcing several daily news programs - Wrote news, sports, weather, and commercial copy and delivered the results on camera while at KCTV where he also conducted a live commercial auction twice a week, and interviewed many personalities on camera - Grabbed first professional performance in BBC production of Jedediah Smith in 1974 - Snagged many industrial films and commercials over the years, as well as supporting appearances in movies and television - Landed syndicated music trivia column, Those Were the Days distributed by Features Unlimited - Capped his public relations career with a seven year stint at the Ogden, Utah branch of the Defense Logistics Agency where he wrote most of the public information pieces for the base, and served as editor and chief writer for the weekly post newspaper. He represented the base and the agency to radio, television, and newspaper reporters. O'Neil retired from government service in 1992 in order to devote full time to writing. The results so far have been three books, including, Who Am I? The Mysterious Search for My Identity. His present projects include the most comprehensive volumes yet written about Borley Rectory, “The Most Haunted House in England.”

Memberships: Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Theater and Radio Artists, Intercollegiate Knights Service Fraternity (president, vice president), Sigma Gamma (student government), Alpha Delta (theater),Toastmasters International (president).

Tributes: “Exhibits self-discipline and an outstanding record.”(Col. George Glen, USA) - “A gifted speaker.”(Dr. James E. Parry) - “I salute you.”(CAPT A.P. Tully, USN) - “Contagious enthusiasm.” (Farrell Edwards) - “Very dedicated individual.”(Gary Evans) - “His integrity and interest in people is without question.”(Mayor Patrick Zielke) - “Competent and talented.” (Representative John Medinger) - “Effervescent.”(CommissionerGlenn G. Nielsen) - “Adept, flexible and cooperative.”(Ralph King) - “Goes far beyond what’s expected.”(Col. Guy Champlin, USA) - “Top notch.”(JoyceFencl) - “Unswerving dedication.”(CAPT R.R. Sareeram, USN)

Favorite quotes: “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”
"Scientists are focused on whether they can do something. They never stop to ask if they should do something." - Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

Awards: Quality Step Increase, DLA - Sustained Superior Awards, DLA (three) Special Act Awards, DLA (two) - Speech and/or debate scholarships(several) - Gold Record (“I Just Want to be Your Everything”) - Model Installation Program proposal awards, DLA (over 40) - Student of the Month - Elective offices (Independent Senator, Associated Students Representative, fraternity president) - Masthead Design Contest, DLA - Educational Achievement, Weber State University - Patriotic Speech Award, US Savings Bonds - Volunteer Service Awards, Combined Federal Campaign (two) - Outstanding Management Employee nomination, DLA - Best Editorial, DLA.

Publications: HUB, DDOU newspaper (seven years) - Those Were the Days syndicated music column - Dimensions, DLA magazine(several) - “Hub of the West” and “President’s Award,” Navy Supply Corps Newsletter - various articles in LaCrosse County Countryman, LaCrosse Tribune - Things My Mother Tried to Teach Me (witty sayings and poems) - Death: Then What? Views of the Hereafter From the Famous and Not So Famous - Who Am I? The Mysterious Search For My Identity

Films: The Ballad of Little Jo (Amos Monaghan) - Porter Rockwell (Militia Captain) -"Creepers," Contamination .7 (Sheriff Ryan Preston)- An Early Winter (Dean Caldwell) - The Greater Light (Mayor) - We Are Women documentary (T/Sgt Park). Playing the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," Vince O'Neil has a Bacon number of 2. Vince O'Neil was in Ballad of Little Jo (1993) with Carrie Snodgress. Carrie Snodgress was in Wild Things (1998) with Kevin Bacon.

Television: Crossroads (Danny in “Miles Away From Home”episode) - A More Perfect Union (John Langdon) - All In The Family(barfly) - Jedediah Smith (John Wilson)

Multi-media: Pride Transportation (model) - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (narrator for “Joint S.T.A.R.S. in Allied Europe”) - Defense Logistics Agency (writer/narrator for “Quality Inventory” video disk) -Defense Depot Ogden Utah (director, writer “New Employee” video) -Living Scriptures (various voices) - Trane Air Conditioning (video spokesman, two years) -Wisconsin Power and Light (commercial spokesman, two years)- Stearns Industrial Clothing (model) - LaCrosse Association for Retired Citizens (spokesman)

Stage: Once Upon a Mattress (director) - A Time to Love (musical solo) - Are The Meadowlarks Still Singing? (Reverend Ashley, one year run) - Inherit the Wind (Matthew Harrison Brady)-J.B. (Nichols/Satan) - Ah! Wilderness (Salesman) - Ballad of the Sad Cafe (albino Rainey twin) -Never Too Late (Mayor)- Camelot (Merlin)

Vincent O’Neil
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