Borley photos

Close up of rectory window
Church about 1880
Seven sisters play croquet
Waldegrave Tomb Etching, 1891
Rare church photo, c. 1900
1907 Church postcard
1909 Church postcard
Environs from old photos
1916 Church description
Harry, wife, and stepdaughter, 1926
Emily and John Bull
Harry Bull
Peter Underwood's model - two views
View from the southwest
View from the southeast
View from the north gate about 1910 - blurred
School in 1900-1912
Choir, 1911
Who is this child? Unknown date
Rectory from church tower, 1937
The Dining Room
Harry Price portraits/silhouette
Autographed photo of Harry Price
Price, Foysters, Mollie Goldney
Harry Price and Lucy Kay, 1929
Harry Price's ghost-hunting kit
Wedding at church, 1930s
Lionel and Adelaide(?)
Wall writings
Envelope message
"Marianne and Harry"
Sidney Glanville
Rare view of front, c. 1937
Alan J. Cuthbert
After the fire
Skull found and buried, May 1945
Eddie Brazil at Liston, May 2003
Students visiting former site
The "floating brick," 1944 - several files
Painting of Borley Cottage,1947
Photograph of cottage, 1947-50
Bush picture of church, 1947
Church, 1947
Foundation photos
Grounds, 1954

Aerial view, 1955
Thurston Hopkins gate photo, 1955
Thurston Hopkins reprint, 1956
Cottage, about 1957 from the road
Cottage, about 1957 from former site of rectory
Tunnel, 1957
"Face in the Wall," 1950-60
Rectory border stone
Trevor Hall, 1967
Simon Marsden photo, 1974
Ray Armes photo, 1975
Rectory and church grounds, 1976
Harry Bull's grave
"Veiled Bride"
Color photos of church
Rectory grounds 1984, by Richard Lee-Van den Daele
Borley cottage, 1984
Gateposts in 1984
Church window, 1984
Dick Gee photo in Praktica, 1985
Waldegrave Tomb, 1991 - 1999
View from church yard toward cottage
Marianne's home, 1964-82
Chris Wright visits 1990s, bricked up cottage windows
David Bamber visit and picture, 1995
David Bamber photo of organ
Ivan Banks elevations, 1996
David Bamber photos, 1999
Pat Porter church cross-stitch, 2000
Barbara Clements painting of Harry and Marianne, 2002
Malcolm Mitchell visit, May 2002
Ghost Club in Church, 2002
Paul Pritchard elevations, 2002
Area photos - Eddie Brazil, 2003
New church wall - Eddie Brazil, 2003
Alexander MacDonald visit, 2003
Eddie Brazil photo of Church, 2003
Eddie Brazil experiment, May 2003
Andrew Clarke Gallery, May 2003
Eddie Brazil Church Painting, June 2003
Borley Ghost Society at Church, 2003
Train lights? by Paul Adams and Eddie Brazil.
The Ghost of Borley Rectory, 1863-2003 by Eddie Brazil.
Philip Hutchinson tour of area, 2004

See also "Locked Book"

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