1773 map of Borley, showing previous rectory
Borley newspaper articles from various sources, 1800s to contemporary
Sketched map of area showing placement of rectory
Sketched map of area showing appearances of nun
Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Rectory schematic
Church floor plan
"Harry" Bull birth certificate
1841 tithe map with history by Andrew Clarke
1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 census reports
Extracts from Elsie Bull's diary, 1885
1887 French thank you(?) letter from Marianne's papers
Death certificate of maid Kate Boreham, 1888
Death certificate of Henry Dawson Ellis Bull, 1892
IVY JOHNSON PRINCE - marriage to Harold Brackenbury - October 12, 1899 - Later married Henry Foyster Bull
H. BRERETON FOYSTER - obituary - January 7, 1911 - Marianne's papers
HENRY FOYSTER BULL - marriage to Ivy Johnson Brackenbury (Prince) - Sept. 12, 1911
BORLEY PARISH LIST - showing all Bull children
GUY ERIC SMITH marriage to Sarah Helen Mabel Hart - November 1, 1924 in Calcutta
Henry Foyster Bull (Harry) death certificate, 1927
Henry Foyster Bull (Harry) funeral report, 1927
1928 Birth certificate for Douglas Stuart Pearless, known as Francois d'Arles Jr.
Church order declaring Borley Rectory surplus, 1928
BORLEY POLLING LIST - 1931 Showing Lionel and Marianne Foyster, etc.
Adelaide Mabel Bull - will, 1934
Inventory of 1938
Newmarket Journal 20 May 1939 - Psychic fete
Times 22 June 1939 describing Psychic Fete
Lionel Foyster death certifcate
May 29, 1947 visit
Surviving pages of Mrs. Baines notes for third Price book, 1948(?)
Harry Price obituary, 1948
Harry Price obituary two, 1948
Note from Ethel Bull to Peter Underwood, 1952
BBC broadcast of 1956
Two Worlds - January 28, 1956 - reprint of "ghost at gate"
Memorandum from University of London Librarian re: Locked Book - 1959
Portion of a letter from Mrs. Cecil Baines about 1968
'Brief Historical Notes on Borley Parish Church' 1976
SPR 100th anniversary - pages about Borley, 1982
Trevor Hall letter to Richard Lee, 1984
Dorey family buys cottage, 1984
Real estate description of Borley cottage, 1984
Croom-Hollingsworth letter to Richard Lee, 1984
Letter from Church Commissioner, 1985
Alan Gregson letter of 1985
Anthony Gregson letter, 1985(?)
John L. Randall talk - March 7, 2000
Contemporary map

The author extends sincere thanks to long time curator of the Harry Price Library, Alan Wesencraft, as well as Peter Underwood, Alan Roper, Andrew Clarke, Stewart Evans, and many others for their contributions to this collection. rew Clarke, Stewart Evans, and many others for their contributions to this collection.