Borley Rectory was built in 1863 by Reverend Henry Bull, and was destroyed by fire in 1939. It was located in Essex, England near the Stour River. The ground it was built on had a reputation for being haunted, and their were many phenomena reported in the area before and after my mother lived there.

Reverend Lionel Foyster and his wife, Marianne, moved into Borley Rectory October 16, 1930. They left exactly five years later. During their stay, over 2,000 alleged paranormal events took place. Years later, Marianne discussed how many of those events could be explained naturally, but she could not explain all of them, including several writings on the walls.

Capt. William Gregson and his family were the last to live in the Rectory. The fire started at midnight, February 27, 1939 whilst they were moving in to the rectory. Apparently, some falling books tipped over an oil lamp. The building was gutted. Just as much controversy swirls around the mysterious fire as the alleged haunting. Capt. Gregson's story makes interesting reading. His son Alan may be the last living witness from the Borley era, and has contributed his view of the fire. Alan expanded on his recollections in a letter to Richard Lee. Another son, Anthony Gregson, told Lee a different version.

Some of the bricks from the rectory were used in various projects during World War II. The ruins were finally razed in the sping of 1944.

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