by Vincent O'Neil

A unique view of the most haunted house in England, using the perspective of its most famous resident - Marianne Foyster. This comprehensive review takes the reader through the Borley Legend from 1066 until 1996. Additional testimony is also presented from new sources never published before. A concise synopsis of the most publicized haunting in English history, told by its most dedicated historian.


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Introduction - Son of Borley
Promise to publish never seen material
My involvement and discovery of Borley

Overview - Highlights
With active links to public web pages

Chapter One - The most haunted house in England
Brief historical review

Chapter Two - The Borley Legend 1066-1930
Concise chronology from all sources

Chapter Three - The Borley Legend 1930-1935
Concise chronology from ALL Lionel Foyster journals with historical references

Chapter Four - The Borley Legend 1936-1996
Concise chronology from all sources

Chapter Five - Marianne Confesses
Excerpts from Swanson interviews relating to Borley

Chapter Six - Marianne Talks About Borley
Excerpts from her autobiographical outline

Chapter Seven - Marianne Reveals Borley Secrets
Excerpts from Owen/Mitchell interviews relating to Borley

Chapter Eight - Understanding the Poltergeist
The Philip Experience and its Relation to Borley

Chapter Nine - Satan at Borley?
Some curious evidence

Chapter Ten - The "Son of Borley" Returns
Outlining the author's trip of September, 1997

Chapter Eleven - Some conclusions

Iris Owen on Borley



Alan Roper's Roster

The Locked Book

Essays from associates of the BORLEY GHOST SOCIETY

Internet Bibliography - The most extensive ever published on Borley